The curriculum at Inioluwa School is in accordance with that of the Nigerian curriculum. While the curriculum structure is in accordance with the 6-3-3-4 education system which obtains in Nigeria, thus providing a much more enriching and enthusing curriculum. This is made possible as a result of careful planning, the methods of delivery and the learning resources put to use.

Subjects offered at Junior Secondary School (JSS) Level are: English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Business Studies, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Art, Agricultural Science, , Information and Communication Technology, Music, Yoruba, French, Physical and Health Education and Civic Education.

Subjects offered at Senior Secondar School (SSS) level are:  Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), English Language, Literature-in-English, Yoruba Language, French, Fine Art, Technical Drawing, Music, Physical and Health Science, Food and Nutrition, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Christian Religious Studies (CRS), Geography, Economics and Financial Accounting.  Students of Inioluwa School have the opportunity of sitting for the GCE, SSCE and the NECO examinations in their final year.